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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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may have been involved and i haven't been involved in those conversations and i serve as a commissioner as a individual. >> good afternoon. i am from the planning staff. the proposed ordinance before you has three components and first amend and add a cap on the number of efficiency dwelling units with reduced square footage and approved and adding a reporting requirement. second require the open space for the micro units be shared open space rather than private open space and third it would require common interior space provided for the units . the cap as well as the open space requirements is not applicable to student housing projects and this is before the commission so that you may recommend adoption, rejection or adoption with mod ifdz to the board of supervisors. the department is
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recommending disapproval of the proposed ordinance but have modifications for you and the board of supervisors to consider if it is adopted so i would first like to outline the proposed change and move on to the department's recommendation. the planning code doesn't define efficiency dwelling units. so-called efficiency dwelling units are defined only in the san francisco building code based on the set of criteria that include providing living area with minimum size of 220 square feet, individual cooking facilities and a separate bathroom and clozet. legislation that is currently pending at the board of supervisors would amend the definition of efficiency dwelling units and reduce the size -- the allowable size of efficiency dwelling units to have living units as small as 150 square feet as long as the total size including the bathrooms and closets was no
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smaller than 220 square feet. the proposed ordinance today will add a new definition to the planning code and efficiency dwelling units for living room that is smaller than 220 square feet. this definition in the planning code applies to market rate units and not affordable housing or student housing and approved at 375 units and capd and after the approval of 325 units the department submit a report to the board of supervisors that would assist the board in its consideration of as to whether more reduced efficiency dwelling units should be allowed. the proposed ordinance would also amend section 135 to require whenever possible market rate micro units provide common usable open space rather than private open space and add a new section to
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require the provision of interior and whon buildings in which there are 20 or more micro units. common rooms and meeting or game rooms or dining rooms would satisfy that requirement. the department is recommending disapproval of the proposed ordinance primarily because the limit and cap on the production of unit units would only apply to that housing. this is about that and rather than who is living in the units. as i mentioned the cap doesn't apply to affordable housing or student housing projects. the proposed amendment to the building code to reduce the size of efficiency dwelling units was reviewed by this commission at june, 2012 hearing and this commission express the support for the
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amendment while encouraging provisions for specific quality of life issues including the interior common space as well as generous ceiling heights and one request the by this commission is that micro units be allowed only in new construction to prevent the subdivision of current units and that change has been incorporate the into the change for the board of supervisors to amend the building code . the department agrees with the commission's comments at that june hearing and the goal is to encourage production of a range of housing and addressing the deficit of low and very low and moderate income units. small efficiency dwelling units units are not a panacea for the shortage of housing but offered at market rate will satisfy the demand
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for moderate housing and generate funds for affordable housing through inclusionary fees. i would like to outline recommendations if the proposed ordinance is approved by the board of supervisors. this is to facilitate the open and common space requirements and satisfy the planning code so first the recommendation is that the proposed new planning code sek 318 to define efficiency dwelling units with reduced square footage be removed and that a new residential use category not be introduced into the planning code. rather we recommend that there simply be a reference to the existing and amending building code definition. second we recommend that the new interior common space requirement be a minimum rather than a maximum as proposed. specifically the department recommends a
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requirement of 10 square feet per unit regardless of the -- the total number of efficiency dwelling units included in a proposed project and allows for maximum common space required and finally we recommend that the new requirement for common space be relocated to planning code section 140 and just for the sake of consistency and that concludes my presentation but of course i am available for questions. thank you. >> thank you. at this time we can open it up for public comment? do we have any speaker cards? >> i don't. >> okay. for those that would like to speak you can line up on the screen side of the room and approach the podium.
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>> would anyone like to speak to this item? please state your name for the record. >> good an of. i am angela and i am with tom cat and sorry we were rushing here and a lot of families had to pick up the children before coming here. as you know it's tile to pick up the kids. we are here today to encourage the commissioners to please support the 375 cap units. just a little brief background on that is for the past few months community groups and supervisor scott wiener along with supervisor david chiu has been talking and negotiating and the micro units and efficiency dwelling units is what the city really needs. we understand there is a lot of single people in san francisco but we still have a lot of questions in regards to that. what is their income bracket?
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if this is the kind of housing that they really need? those things haven't been conducted with the public, so therefore we feel having a cap on this legislation will provide first assessing if this is the type the housing the public really wants to have, two making sure that we have land for real affordable housing units for families. we must not forget families are leaving san francisco because the rent is so high for them. they need support from your leadership as commissioners. you look at all of our neighborhoods, the land available for affordable housing. that's why the whole city made sure prop c which is allocated for affordable housing passed to ensure that we do have affordable housing for the different sectors, for the different needs in the community, so we hope that you
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would support this 375 unit cap for this legislation and let's really have more better dialogue in terms of what kind of housing we need for san francisco. assuming that singles want to live my themselves is an assumption. we need to have real dialogue with them before we actually come up with ideas like this. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> and i am here for to you support this cap and there will be nothing left for the families and i am here to ask to you please support this. thank you.
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>> thank you. >> hello i am andrew and with the coalition on homelessness. i want to encourage you to limit the amount of the high efficiency small square footage dwellings anyway that you can. this is a relatively low population city so this dwelling seems like a gift to developers rather than with plans to help anybody so the market rate for the dwellings are still unaffordable and when they are called low cost equalings it's low cost to construct rather than low cost to live in and you have 40,000 families in san francisco waiting for affordable housing on a waiting list, and
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-- >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is raymond castillo and the lead person and chairperson to advance the youth and i wanted to let you know most of the our members is pretty much student, city college, san francisco state university, and we work a lot of youth at soma and other areas and just to give you background you're building a lot of things with schools and going to college. they're dealing with tuition cuts and money for books and all of this, and having this efficiency dwelling units -- i mean i want to speak my mind and 1300 to
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1600 a month is not affordable for students alone and they're dealing with this at the same time. as families we want to keep the students with us. i don't want to be separated from them so please focus on building more affordable housing here in san francisco and afford this cap on the legislation. thank you so much for your time. have a good one. >> good evening everyone. i am linda jimenez. i am with -- [inaudible] this is in regard to the 375 units that you guys are building and what i am requesting for some of the people -- not to add more units on this one. now i livehere
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and can't do this anymore. i have two grandkids in college soon >>
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[speaking foreign language] >> so i am here today to ask you guys for your support for the 375 cap on this legislation because as she said that as a low income family she says she don't want -- first of all she don't want this legislation. second if you are going to build this please put a cap on 375. >>
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[speaking foreign language] >> she says instead of you building this micro units we advise that if you can please focus more on affordable housing i.d>> i'm going to translate for her. >> [speaking foreign language] >> good afternoon. i am maria and in a family of low income. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> she says she understands you want to build these units but we need to focus on more family oriented housing. [speaking spanish] >> she said i think that it's really important to put urgency on the housing situation for affordable housing for all families so families can be together. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> i am e lisa and representing families collaborative. i come today to urge you to put a cap on the 375 units, but i would also like to talk about student perspective. most of the times
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these families especially the students who are struggling with tuition and have low income jobs are wanting to stay together to help their families, to have a better lifestyle. some of the families i am talking about are families and most wait until the kids get old enough to help them move so i don't see how making a smaller unit is fitting that student coming out of that situation where it's already over crowded so they have no room for themselves or their families. and also we have a lot of families that wanted to be here. i don't know if i would have time to maybe read one letter or two to you that they wrote. elizabeth, she's with family. "we ask that you listen to our voices, and the
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reasons that we're giving you for putting a cap on these housing units. we are all tired of living in these situations of over crowdedness for our own families and for our children. you shouldn't have anymore units built than 375 in san francisco. these living units don't sound like they will be affordable to students and they should be if you're going to create them they should be affordable, and they don't seem to be capacity for disabled persons, and the last but not least. please make more affordable housing for the entire family. thank you". so i don't know if i can read another one. >> you have about a minute left and go3 4 f1
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>> instructor: this is how high how do you do it here in san francisco so now, i'm a grand mother and i live by myself and i work also part time gases to pay my rent and i'm not receiving ssi yet. so, please give considerations to us, poor people here, working so hard just to pay our rent. so please open your eyes, open your eyes, and heart to us, begging for us to please give consideration to us. thank you.. >> good afternoon
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commissioners my name is josh should youa and i'm from the housing program of the vettians equity center, we have over 400 clients consistenting of families and workers and one crucial concern is impact on ever increasing rents and fishingcies are more expensive by square foot and more expensive to produce and prompt owners are more likely to raids rent when given the opportunity to do so and yet we show need for affordable housing especially in areas where these are to be built. many families needed affordable housing for deck aids and what we need is affordable housing for seniors and housing that is not limit today a post. and the many policy questions raised by this
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new development type. not spof sporing it's cap would restrain development based on insufficient information and signals, thank you for listen and is please volt to cap this what we need is more housing and seniors in the housing market. >> good even commissioners, my inarm is charm leeta per resident, a senior and i have been applying for housing for a long time, until no, i'm not lucky to have one. about the shoe box, i think it's not confronteddable for seniors like us, we were younger, we work hard and so we need a comfortable place for us now that we are seniors, it's like putting a spider in a tiny box.
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like a child playing the with a spider and then after playing, you put me inside a tiny box. we are -- we need a comfortable and good housing. we are human beings and not insects. so please, i'm here to encourage you to please support the 375 unit cap on the microunit of efficiency plrgs so please help arks us, thank you. my name is brad polt and i'm speaking today as an individual. i -- [inaudible] have been told that in reference do the metering the cap but rather good planning we are going to make a change that is this radical, -- new york city
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as i understand it file piling one project on city land to see how it works this is not one the 375 units, we are talking about four-six projects and i might say it might really help not with affordable housing but with moderate mousing and i think that is scott wieners place on this and i think it might help but i think so it will open up a whole a lot of loopholes and i think we should go slowly and so one thing that we learned during the presidential campaign is the problem of math and so one thing that i would like to propose propose to you is the mathematical campaign so you divide in a by 30 days and what that comes out to is $50 a night i. simple math. if you think about that,that is pretty cheap per night and now imagine for a
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moment, here we go. so $1,500 a month works out to $50 a night and let's say that you charge $99 a night it's a teen hundred dollars and then 4,000 a month. and so now, you are holding one of these buildings and trying to figure out what do to satisfy your investors there will be a tremendous incentive to rent these out as hotel rooms because you can make two-three times z money doing that as you can as renting them out as mini donedo condos and again i think 375 cap is a reasonable amount of money to build and it gives us a change to fix willful . i walked out
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on the street the other day to have lunch with friends of mine and i saw a rent control apartment that had 15 to 20 office workerser and is i see these all overt city. we have had these conversations before about hotellization and if we are losing more units than we are building we are never going to get ahead of the game and like i said, there is an incentive for people to turn these into hotels and they will make a lot more one and that is my big concern in this approach. thank you. good even; evening, i'm laurie and i'm here to encourage you to please support 375 units cap on microunits on official legislation. i'm currently living now in emergency housing. that is why i'm here to
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encourage you to do or family housing. i feel so lucky to be in a family housing. because, i just could not -- [inaudible] the other seniors and i have free kids. that's why i encourage you to award family housing. i know it will help more families especially in san francisco because here in san francisco, for five years, and after four years, i was lucky to pick up for the mercy housing. i used to live in a small -- a smaller room with high mom and
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my dad and my three kids and my husband in a studio but i'm so thankful that -- that they built mercy housing or family housing it has really helped. thank you so much. >> hello commissioners my name is ressa dew kegel sen. i work in the sowter of market at shawm can. and i'm here to urge you to support the cap on 375 units. i'm here because i'm not um, we are here to say that development is great when it contribute a thriving successful healthy neighborhood and i'm not entirely sure that the development of these microunits will truly alalleviate the housing prices we have in san
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francisco because as you all know. there is very limited land for housing. and so, in order for us to kind-of have a better assessment of whether or not this is something individuals who can afford the market rates truly want i think it's probably best to support a 375 unit cap and do a study afterwards to see if it really does alleviate those housing. demands. because i work with low income families and i understand this is not designed to house families. there is a brig need for family affordable housing particularly in the south of market and in the units and developments are proposed here in the south of market, i think that we really need to talk about how it impacts the community, where it's being built and whether or not it really truly does solve the


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